Antonio Merafina: Presidente GRUPPO CERIFLEX (CHAIRMAN)
Giuseppe Merafina: Amministratore delegato (CEO)
Antonio Merafina Junior: Direttore Generale (COO)

Foto intera azienda ceriflex


Today CERIFLEX develops its activity on an area of more than 12,000 square meters and its daily production has grown over the years from 50 to more than 1,500 mattresses per day.
A company that in 50 years of experience and passion for work, combined all the benefits of a “hand-crafted” production with the meticulous attention for the quality, details, finishing, creating a perfect bond with the technology and with the “industrial” methods, thus creating a high quality product, able to establish itself on the main international markets.


Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping.
For this reason, Ceriflex does not overlook any detail of design, realization or finishing of its own mattresses. All the choices, the solutions and the used materials reflect the attention for the quality, which can be guaranteed only by a company with predilection for craftsmanship.


Only having respect for all the suppliers, clients and employees Ceriflex can lay the foundations for development and improvement, offering always the best of its product. Ceriflex builds its own values based on these fundamentals.


Ceriflex has organized a department for research and development, which is always engaged in studying and researching new methods and materials. Besides giving its products the best of the newest technologies, it also exploits all the benefits of the organic products, through the use of essential oils, vegetable seeds and Aloe Vera and soy based materials, one hundred percent Natural Latex, all this in order to guarantee a rest in harmony with nature.



Ceriflex guarantees a quality rest, one hundred percent made in Italy, designing and producing every day, every single mattress only within its own Italian establishments.
Technology, passion and creativity are the winning features that allow the Ceriflex mattresses to be appreciated worldwide as a valuable product made in Italy.
Ceriflex is a symbol of excellence; in fact, the company has always distinguished itself because it adds to its products a real value for the consumers, that of the quality.
Ceriflex uses one hundred percent Italian materials, qualified specialists and over fifty employees who work side-by-side sharing passion and knowledge.


In order to ensure the quality of its products, Ceriflex gives special attention to the development of new technologies.
In step with the Italian automation industries that support Ceriflex in its need for innovation, it was studied a new method for packaging the mattresses, able to deliver a vacuum-packed, rolled mattress; in this way we have managed to guarantee the minimum amount of space resulting in a cut of transport and storage fees, limiting the environmental impact.