• Always at the service of all customers, like hotel chains, resorts, hospitals and large retailers, Ceriflex identifies products that meet the requirements of excellent hospitality, in accordance with the public safety regulations and with the respect for the environment.
Ceriflex is able to offer a complete range of mattresses, pillows and accessories that better and better meets the needs of each client’s category.
• Ceriflex Customize & Contract offers:
– Products 100% Made in Italy
– Reliability of a strong and well-advanced reality with over fifty years dedicated to the art of sleeping
– Certified quality products
• Customized products manufactured with particular respect for the customers’ demands.
Ceriflex also stands out for its great flexibility and its availability for customers’ care, to whom it guarantees, thanks to its latest machinery, a customization of the mattress, starting from the careful choice of the upholstery fabrics, of the internal structure and of unlimited possible sizes, up to the selection of different kinds of available packaging and labelling.
• Actually, Ceriflex manufactures Private Label Brands too, for customers from all over the world, customizing entirely the products, creating custom-made packaging and dedicated lines, helping all the customers even on the research of particular products. These qualities allow Ceriflex to expand and occupy a special place in the global markets.