Supreme is a mattress able to combine design and simplicity, thanks to the special Tencel fabric cover.
The quality of the Tencel fabric embraces the dermo-protective characteristics of the Chitosan fiber: prevents infections, haemostatic, biodegradable, antibacterial and dermo-protective biopolymer
It is a mattress made of a structure with:
Top layer: a 4 cm Bio Visco Memory multiwave green with seven differentiated zones.
Base layer: a high-density, water-based Biofoam layer (21 cm, 36 kg/m³ density), characterized by an excellent softness and comfort. Inner core: Bio Visco Memory, completed with a Camel wool inner layer (see Fig.3), very soft, comfortable, absorbs moisture. Camel wool is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Completely removable and extremely comfortable and functional, thanks to the side handles and the Full 3D Threespace side band, for a maximum of ventilation. Filling in Flax Polyester fiber (400 gr/m²): soft, absorbent, non-allergenic. Highly hygroscopic material, fast dispersion of heat and humidity. Its pleasant sensation of freshness comes from the fiber’s distinctive morphology, combined with a layer of non-allergenic polyester (200 gr/m²). Thanks to its natural features, it offers the perfect relaxation during warm weather.

Product details:

High quality non-allergenic stretch Tencel fabric, removable on four sides (see Fig.1) (dry-clean cover)


Top layer: Flax Polyester fiber (250 gr/m²): soft, absorbent, non-allergenic + non-allergenic Polyester fiber (200 gr/m²)
Base layer: Full 3D Threespace fabric quilted in Polyester non-allergenic fiber (200 gr/m²)

Inner section:

Inner core: 2 cm of the finest quality Camel wool (400 gr/m²) (see Fig.3)
Bio Visco Multiwave Memory Green layer with seven differentiated zones (4 cm, high-density)
A 21 cm layer in high-density, water-based Biofoam (36 kg/m³), characterized by an excellent softness and comfort.
3D Threespace side band for the maximum ventilation, with customized ribbons + Side handles
Finished mattress height cm 30+/-1
(Fabric treatment on demand)