Chamomile stretch fabric upholstery, with anti-inflammatory properties and calming remedies for neuralgic pain.
Non-allergenic Polyester fiber upholstery; thanks to its natural features offers the perfect relaxation during warm weather.
Mattress made using two differentiated joined sections; a first layer of Natur Soya, a material derived from Soy that guarantees natural skin moisture and helps keeping skin’s elasticity.
Soya Foam mattress has many therapeutic properties and it is very efficient in relieving pain caused by hernia, bone fractures, articulation problems, brachialgia, blood circulation and other orthopaedic  disorders. Soya Foam is orthopaedic, anatomical and highly breathable and recommended especially for someone who needs anti-decubitus support.
Limits night-time motion transfer and lowers blood pressure offering an excellent quality rest.
The Soya Foam system consists of:
Top layer NaturSoya, a viscoelastic foam (65 kg/m³ density) with slow recovery; it is made of water-based raw materials foamed with vegetable oils and enriched with soy microcapsules.
Base layer: an interlocking layer (AquPur Beige) high-density, water-based foam (40 kg/m³ density), enriched with soy extract, characterized by an excellent softness and comfort, and guarantees a fast dispersion of heat and humidity.

Product details:

Stretch Chamomile fabric, removable on four sides (see Fig.1) (mattress cover – machine wash 30 º)


Top layer: non-allergenic Polyester fiber (250 gr/m²)
Base layer: non-allergenic Polyester fiber (250 gr/m²)

Inner section:

Top layer: (NaturSoya) viscoelastic foam (65 kg/m³ density) with slow recovery
Base layer: (AquPur Beige) latest generation, high-density, water-based foam (40 kg/m³ density), soft and resilient.
Jersey removable cover
3D AIR SPACE side breathable band with customized ribbons + side handles
Finished mattress height cm 22+/-1
(Fabric treatment on demand)