Use the mattress on a fitted bed base, with the same dimension and quality as the mattress, which guarantees a perfect ventilation and support; the inadequate support could permanently compromise
the structure of your mattress.
Do not use metallic, non-rigid bed base, with very large slats or with a flat surface, which block the correct ventilation of the mattress.
Do not fold or roll the mattress (if it is a spring mattress or if it was not already manufactured and rolled by us).
Do not sit on the edge of the mattress in order to get dressed or to rest; the mattress could sink on that area.
Avoid the mattress’ contact with liquid substances, in order to avoid the mould growth.
Flip and rotate the mattress every two weeks, in order to allow a better settling of the structure and of the filling. If during its use it presents some dips, it will be because of the settling of filling; in fact,
this is a sign that the mattress is moulding to your body shape, and after a while, it could have a modified shape, but this is quite normal and natural.
We recommend ventilating the bedroom (even during winter) with the mattress uncovered, in order to avoid the mould growth.
In order to turn the mattress do not use only the handles, levering, but we recommend grabbing it directly from its base.
Use specific sprung-bed covers and mattress covers in order to preserve its quality.
For a good rest the room temperature must be around 19º. Our mattresses are packed in order to preserve the hygiene and the quality and sometimes the packaging could compress the mattress, so it could need some time to return to its original shape.
We specify that that mattress could have a size tolerance (in width, length and depth). Our warranty does not apply to this tolerance, always in the limits of +/-2 cm (tolerance compliant with UNI 10707 standard and subsequent modifications; measurements compliant with UNI EN 1334 standard), as such values are considered natural for the settling of the filling when subject to the weight of the human body.
All the used materials and fabrics are naturals and eco-friendly; however, the bed linen or nightwear containing synthetic fibers could cause the so-called “PILLING” (formation of little balls) on the mattress fabric. Depending on the person and on the environment, electrostatic charges may occur, which may cause the filling to pass through the cover. Pilling is not covered by the warranty.


The absolute comfort that one can have from using a mattress is personal. The Ceriflex mattress meets all your sleep needs, complying with all qualities and ergonomic features that a good mattress must guarantee during its normal use.
It correctly supports the spine and reacts to body pressure, returning to its initial shape after pressure is no longer applied.

Must-have characteristics to be considered when choosing a mattress are:


For a good rest it is important to have the right body temperature. Our mattresses are designed to minimize body heat and humidity. In fact, they are manufactured using breathable materials, ventilated and suitable for different seasons.


Height and weight are decisive for choosing the rigidity and the carrying capacity of the mattress. Someone who is not particularly high or light can choose a more flexible mattress. On the other hand, someone who weighs more and is taller has the tendency to sink more into the mattress so he/she must choose a more rigid one.