Comfort, made of Stretch Comfort fabric; Comfort is the result of the combination between coloured natural stones, known for their energy and nanotechnology.
Comfort, made using fine viscose that, thanks to its high grammage (weight), helps regain the energy lost during the day and wake up fresh and relaxed.
Filling: 1,5 cm water-based Biofoam Polyurethane and non-allergenic wadding (400 gr/m²), for both rest sides: thanks to the amazing ombination of these two materials, the mattress has an unbelievable comfortable effect. The design allows the air to flow between the foam and the fabric, offering the maximum of breathability and reducing to the minimum the humidity level.
Mattress made combining two different sections:
Top layer: Soff Foam Green (6 cm, 45kg/m³ density), a revolutionary material whose characteristic is that it moulds under the body weight. Highly resistant and high breathability; its open cell structure allows a larger air flow, twice as much as that of the HR foams, offering in this way the maximum of comfort.
Base layer: Polysoff Amaranthine, (14 cm, 38 kg/m³ high-density), water-based foam, characterized by an excellent softness and comfort. Thanks to the open cell structure, it is highly breathable and guarantees a fast dispersion of heat and humidity. Both materials will lose very little thickness under pressure, essential feature that guarantees absolute flexibility and durability.

Product details:

Comfort Stretch fabric, high grammage and viscose content


Top layer: 1,5 cm crushproof, water-based Biofoam Polyurethane panel + non-allergenic wadding (400 gr/m²)
Base layer: 1,5 cm crushproof, water-based Biofoam Polyurethane panel + non-allergenic wadding (400 gr/m²)

Inner section:

Top layer: crushproof, durable, non-allergenic Soff foam green (6 cm, 45 kg/m³ density)
Base layer: water-based Polysoff Amaranthine foam (14 cm, 38kg/m³ high-density), characterized by an excellent softness and comfort
3D AIR SPACE breathable side band with customized ribbons + side handles
Finished mattress height cm 25+/-1