aloe forma


Covered in a high-quality Stretch Ceriflex Violet fabric, unique and with an extremely soft feel. High in moisture control: this feature allows a fast dispersion of humidity on a larger area so it guarantees a higher breathability.
Keeps away static electricity built up in the body so it helps relieve stress. The non-allergenic Polyester fiber filling offers the perfect relaxation during warm weather, thanks to its natural features.
Mattress made using two different joined sections:
Top layer: (AloeFeel) of considerable help for health problems, as it naturally helps moisturize tissues, calms nervous system and supports immune system.
The AloeFeel viscoelastic foam (65 kg/ m³ density) with slow recovery is made of water-based raw materials, foamed with vegetable oils and enriched with Aloe microcapsules.
Aloe Vera microcapsules guarantee a slow release of the active ingredient and keeps it active for a long period.
Base layer: an interlocking layer (AquPur Aloe): high-density, water-based foam (35 kg/ m³), characterized by an excellent softness and comfort, guarantees a fast dispersion of heat and humidity

Product details:

High-quality Stretch Ceriflex Violet fabric, removable on four sides (see Fig.1) (dry-clean cover)
High grammage and weight fabric that does not need any additional filling.

Inner section:

Top layer: (AloeFeel) viscoelastic foam (65 kg/ m³) with slow recovery
Base layer: (AquPur Aloe) latest generation, high-density, water-based foam (35 kg/ m³), soft and resilient.
Jersey removable cover
3D AIR SPACE breathable side band with customized ribbons + side handles
Finished mattress height cm 22+/-1